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Ohio Physician Wellness Coalition (OPWC)

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Est. 2017

The Ohio Physician Wellness Coalition (OPWC) was established in 2017 by Ohio's major physician associations. Led by their Physician Advisory Council (PAC), their goal is to address physician burnout by providing physician wellness initiatives.

Our state and national physician organizations, as well as our large healthcare institutions, have recognized this important issue as well and are beginning to address it. A recent study concluded that physicians are spending 49% of their time on administrative tasks and only 27% with their patients. Burnout affects physicians at all levels of training and at various stages of their careers, according to the Mayo Clinic: 28-45% of medical students, 27-75% of residents, and about 37% of attending physicians. Clearly, there is a need for change — to change physicians’ workload and the environment in which they practice medicine.


OPWC has identified that a multifaceted approach is necessary to address burnout.  As we all work together to find meaningful solutions, the OPWC is facing this issue head-on.  Our first initiative was identified and we are now proud to feature a wellness video series.  The Wellness Video Series, offering eleven sessions is now available - free continuing medical education is available for each session. 


OPWC has partnered with the Medical Association Coalition (MAC).  The MAC is a coalition dedicated to monitoring legislation and regulatory agency rules that could impact physicians and their practice.

Through regular meetings and engagement from the healthcare community, the OPWC aims to provide a comprehensive one-stop location for wellness resources for Ohio's physicians.


Have an idea or looking to get involved? Contact OPWC today!

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