Medical Association Coalition (MAC)

MEMBERS - Medical Associations

American College of Emergency Physicians, Ohio Chapter

American College of Surgeons, Ohio Chapter

Academy of Medicine of Cleveland and Northern Ohio

Columbus Medical Association

Ohio Academy of Family Physicians

Ohio Chapter, American Academy of Pediatrics

Ohio Foot & Ankle Medical Association

Ohio Hospital Association

Ohio Osteopathic Association

Ohio Psychiatric Physicians Association

Ohio Society of Addiction Medicine

Ohio State Medical Association

MEMBERS - Attorneys 

Dinsmore & Shohl, LLP

Evelyn Justice Stratton, Retired Ohio Supreme Court Justice

Graff & McGovern, LLP

Ohio State Bar Association, Health Care Law Committee

Vorys Law Firm

MEMBERS - Advocacy Organizations

Disability Rights Ohio

Mental Health and Addiction Coalition


Ohio Physicians Health Program

MEMBERS - Treatment Providers

Glenbeigh Hospital

Shepherd Hill

The Ridge/Northland

Est. 2014

The Medical Association Coalition (MAC) was established in 2014 by Ohio's major physician associations to address concerns of the State Medical Board of Ohio's (SMBO) proposed changes to the one-bite program.  The one-bite program was originally established in 1987 to allow for the confidential treatment of physicians for substance use disorders. 


Under the leadership of retired Ohio Supreme Court Justice, Evelyn Lundberg Stratton, the MAC began its work on a four-year project of improving the current one-bite program.  Through the tireless work of Cheryl Grossman and bill sponsor Stephen Huffman, M.D., positive changes were made under House Bill 145.  Enacted in February 2018 by Governor John Kasich following a near unanimous vote of the General Assembly, House Bill 145 made changes that include:

  1. Requiring impairment to be reported to a monitoring organization not the SMBO, to improve confidentiality;

  2. Providing clarity of eligibility criteria and minimizing disqualify events for the confidential program;

  3. Expanding the one-bite program to include all of the licensees under jurisdiction of the SMBO; and 

  4. Removing outdated treatment standards and allowing for individualized treatment plans to be implemented.

The rules were finalized on January 31, 2019 for the One-Bite Program and the MAC is working together with the Ohio Physicians Health Program to get the program up and running.


Understanding the impact of physician burnout and the national physician shortage, the MAC quickly expanded it's focus.  The MAC works collaboratively to monitor legislation and regulatory agency rules that could impact physicians and their practice.


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