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OPHP is broadening its scope of services by offering resources, tools, and program services to support your wellness efforts OPHP clinical staff is happy to work directly with you to provide support and guidance to make these life changes. 

Three pharmacists

The Cincinnati Coalition for Physician Wellness is a coalition where stakeholders will come together and develop programs for physicians and other health care professionals to address crisis situations, treatment, education, and prevention.


Members include:

The Christ Hospital, Mercy Health, St. Elizabeth, Cincinnati Children's, TriHealth, Academy of Medicine of Cincinnati, UC Health, Ohio Physicians Health Program, the US Dept. of Veterans Affairs, and others.

Academy of Medicine of Cincinnati


Central Ohio Center for Pragmatic Buddism

Pragmatic Buddhism is mindfulness made meaningful for today’s world. When interpreted through the lens of Pragmatic philosophy, the philosophy of the Buddha, Siddhartha Gautama, is a relevant recipe for whole-life development. The progeny of the Buddhist evolution embodied by Chan and Zen, Pragmatic Buddhism (PB) is an empirical, practical, practicable action plan for cultivating situational virtuosity

​We offer training and practice in various Buddhist meditation techniques as well as community celebrations such as weddings, funerals, celebrations of new children, etc. to all people in Central Ohio.  We have a special mission to the LGBTQ community.



Physician Leadership Academy focuses its resources on three primary areas: emotional intelligency, cognitive capacity, and social intelligency.  Each area works on the physician's awareness of self, of others, and of systems.

Diane May - 614.208.0852

Meditation by the sea

Mind-Body Skills Training for Resilience, Effectiveness, and Mindfulness (STREAM) program, an innovative on-line education program for health professionals. The purpose of this program is to help you learn and practice skills that will help you personally and professionally to become more resilient in the face of stress, more clinically effective in helping patients, and more mindful in your daily life as you learn the latest scientific research about mind-body skills, engage in reflective practices, and use our free online recordings of evidence-based mind-body practices.



Wellness Wednesdays was a structured, bi-monthly webinar series focused on enhancing professional and personal wellness. The archived presentations and resources are available to help you combat burnout, strengthen resiliency, and discover strategies for lasting wellness. 

Meditation Class

OhioHealth Practitioner Health and Wellness

OhioHealth Practitioner Health and Wellness is a confidential resource for practitioners, medical staff and house staff that promotes the health and well-being of OhioHealth physicians and advanced practice providers through:

  • Individual evaluation 

  • Consultative support

  • Educational offerings

  • Peer Support Program

  • Crucial Conversations

  • OhioHealth Resilience Team

  • Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Program (CME credits available)

  • OhioHealth Physician Leader Coaching Program

Heidi O'Neil - 614.566.2919

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